EATING ANDALUCIA! 🇪🇸 Delicious Arabic Desserts of Granada Spain

I’ll show you my favorite spot to eat Arabic desserts for cheap in Granada Spain… from chocolate fig pie to pistachio pastries!
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In this video, I’ll show you where to eat the best desserts in Andalucia. This region is also spelled Andalusia (just for clarification purposes). First we explore the beautiful town of Granada Spain in search of delicious Arabic desserts. One of the most beautiful areas to explore is called El Albayzín which dates back to the Medieval times when the Moors ruled Spain. The winding streets and cobblestone steps lead up a hill that is packed with shops selling trinkets and Shisha (tobacco). Andalucia is known for having a history of Moorish cuisine and architecture. This is what separates this region from the rest of Spain, and makes it a very unique culture.

This quaint area is also known as Little Marrakesh because it feels as if you’ve been transported to Morocco when you walk around these beautiful streets. The street I walked up (the main drag) has been nicknamed “La Calle de las Teterías” because of all the tea shops that line the walkway. The colorful array of tiles, lamps, carpets, and clothing will make you feel like you’re somewhere else other than Spain, but that is the beauty of Spain. Andalucia is a place where you can get lost in the labyrinth of winding alleyways and explore exotic cuisine.

The name of this Arabic pastelería is Marco Polo. They were selling gorgeous cake and lots of different Arabic cookies. The first cake I tried out was a chocolate cake covered with a buttery crust and it was covered in dried figs and apricots. I really liked this dessert because the dark chocolate tasted exactly like chewy fudge. I also really liked that I could eat it with my hands like a slice of chocolate pizza.

The next dessert I ate was Baklawa. It tasted like a butterfingers, which means it must have had lots of different crushed nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts. The crunchy nutty flavor and crumbling texture just melted in my mouth. It wasn’t too sweet which I liked.

Next up I tried Nidos which is made with pistachios and looks kind of like a birds nest. It’s crispy and looks like a bunch of noodles. The subtle taste of pistachios is really great, and this dessert isn’t too intense in flavor. They spiral this dessert together and I think the texture is what makes it so unique.

Last, I ate a cuerno gacela which is a gazelle horn type pastry. It’s filled with almond paste on the inside which is nice and smooth, and the dough is baked not fried so it doesn’t have any grease to it. There is orange blossom water and a little bit of cinnamon which make this my favorite pastry out of all of them.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed trying out these Arabic desserts. I think they would taste even better with some hot tea (which is how the locals eat them) or hot coffee. I highly recommend checking out this pastry shop in Granada Spain. This place is fabulous, and they also offers other goods such as spices and herbs. Although there aren’t any official directions on how to get here, it’s fairly easy to find as it is located on the main drag of the El Albayzín walkway heading up the hill towards the Alhambra lookout point.

In Andalucia, it is common to find many different types of Arabic food which is endemic to this region. I hope you enjoyed my tour of Andalucia!

Nate & I had a great time exploring the city of Granada in search of the best things to eat, and the best places to visit. We are making an entire Andalucia travel vlog series, so make sure to check out our complete playlist.

Andalucia filming location:
Marco Polo
Address: El Albayzín, Granada Spain
Directions: Walk up the hill and it will be on your left hand corner

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