Leading Travel Destinations in Portugal with Algarve 365

When you hear about Portugal, what mostly comes into your mind is Lisbon. That for you to get the best airport transfers and the best holiday destinations, then you have to pass through Lisbon airport. The little known Faro airport does not come into the minds of many, as it believed to be just another ordinary landing point in Portugal which doesn’t have the standard services that are provided by Lisbon Airport or Porto airport. But little do we know that based on passenger traffic, Faro airport is ranked the third busiest airport in Portugal just bellow Lisbon and Porto airport.

Faro airport is the main link and the entry point of Algarve region. Due to its climate and the beaches around, Algarve is one of the exemplary sites for summer holidays and is emerging as one of the greatest European’s main holiday stops.

We are going to take you through some of the leading travel destinations in Portugal and how you can get the best airport transfers for those destinations.


Lisbon might me taking all the plaudits in Portugal as the most attractive destination but Algarve is a unique one. It is not crowded like Lisbon and has one of the best natural beauties with its wonderful climate and sumptuous beaches. It could be far from the main airport Lisbon and Porto but it has its own local airport within the capital, Faro. With Algarve 365 Lda, you can get easy transfers from Faro airport upon arrival and with the best services around.It also has wonderful cities and beaches such as Lagos, Faro, Alvor, Tavira, amongst others that you can be interested in visiting.

For example, Lagos is well known for its beaches and the lively nightlife.

Faro, the capital city of the Algarve region is also attractive for its shopping and entertainment destinations. Don’t forget to pass by Praia Da Marinha and see the limestone cliffs and amazing beaches.


This should have been the first on this list as it is the major city of Portugal. Situated on the banks of Targus River along the Atlantic Ocean. Its warm weather and wonderful shops, make it be the most attractive travel destination in Portugal. Its accessibility is better through Lisbon airport, but even through Faro airport, you can get the best airport transfer with less hustle through Algarve 365.


It is one of the busiest cities in northern Portugal and has one of the best leisure points such as the Serralves Museum which host the beauty of Artworks and architectural exhibitions, the famous Sao Francisco Church, originally built in the 13th century and the wonderful Dom Luis Bridge amongst others.

It is easier to connect from Faro airport to Porto by Algarve 365.


Famously known as the rainbow colored town, Sintra is the most common travel and leisure destinations during the day in Lisbon. It has a wonderful view of the clouds. It is just a day trip from Northern airport Faro.